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Comment from Donte: he#;&r8217es the difference between new orleans as a tourist attraction, and many other places: Other places are nice to customers because they have to be. In New Orleans, most of the people are nice and respectable because that’s how we were raised. Many times if you were to go somewhere else, and ask for directions or help the people look and keeps walking. In New Orleans, we don’t have a problem with helping if we can.Its a great city, with great , kind people
Comment from Darold: I was just chatting with another blogger about the impossibility of doing it all, how focusing on just writing means paying less attention to family, but focusing on just family means neglecting an essential part of what makes me �m88;2e,ࢭ and how terribly hard it is to try to do it all, and do it well. And how often, that results in doing nothing.It is so much healthier to admit that we can’t do it all perfectly, and to just do the best we can, in every area that is important, and let the rest go. Kudos to you for recognizing that, and putting it out here for the rest of us to see and cheer!
Comment from Jayde: Great wrap up Sean! Sounds like it was a great show and that you got a lot out of it. Cotargns again on the win and I hope to cross paths in Chicago next year!
Comment from Lurraine: We need someone with qutocfiiaailns I realize she could’ve been blowing me while filming this…why wasn’t she? Any guys here want to take my dick in their mouth?
Comment from Luckie: Que tal IĆiM,og±e flipa lo que aprendo contigo. Esto habra que probarlo, y que mejor que con unos invitados que coman de todo Saludos
Comment from Klondike: Unlike Israel, where every citizen must have a gun, the taco thief was assured that he could take what he wanted, without  fear of reprisal.Guns protect people. All cin&tens,inbsp;includizg college students, should be required to own a weapon. 

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